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Real Estate on Zakynthos

The island of Zakynthos, also called Zante, with a length of 40 km and a width of 20 km, lies in the Ionian Sea and is the third largest island of the Eptanisa archipelago. It has a coastline of over 120 km and is the southernmost island. Together with the uninhabited islands of Strofaden, it forms the prefecture of Zakynthos. The capital of the island is the town of the same name, Zakynthos, with about 14,000 inhabitants. The total population of the island is about 41,000.

The Venetians called the island "Fior di Levante", Flower of the East. They ruled the island for 300 years, which is also evident in the architecture. Classicism and Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo are the different architectural styles found in many buildings.

Zakynthos is known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. The real landmark of the island is Navagio beach with the shipwreck. This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Greece. Other famous beaches are Laganas beach, Tsilivi, Alykes and Alykanas. The island is also known for the breeding grounds of the sea turtle (Caretta caretta) located in the south. It is the only turtle in the Mediterranean. Also protected on the island is the so-called monk seal.

The island has a good infrastructure and is mainly served by the national and international airport "Dionysios Solomos", but also twice a day by the airport of Athens.

By ferry, the island is served by the airport of Athens.

By ferry, Zakynthos can be reached from Italy via the following ports: Venice, Ancona, Bari and Brindisi and from the Peloponnese from the port of Killini within an hour. The port of Pesada in Kefalonia can be reached via the small port of Agios Nikolaos, which is located in the north of the island.

The range of properties on offer on Zakynthos is manageable. Most of the properties on offer have an average size between 80 m2 - 160 m2. Prices depend on the size and proximity to the sea as well as the year of construction. In recent years, however, more and more larger and more modern villas have been built on the island. Larger villa complexes are hardly to be found on the island.

Property prices are still very reasonable compared to other islands. For under 100,000 euros you can already get 4000 m2 - 6000 m2 of land. To build, you need a minimum of 4,000 m2. Through our good network and partnerships on the island, we can also advise you on a building project. Just ask us. We will accompany you from the enquiry to the completion of the purchase.

If you do not find your desired property in our portfolio, contact us via our contact form or use our individual search request. You can rely on knowledge and contacts in the region, which will help you to find your dream property.

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