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Real Estate Thessaloniki

Properties in Thessaloniki offer you everything that one expects from an investment in a city. With an area of 20.85 km², Thessaloniki is the largest
city in Macedonia, with a population of approx. 360,000 in the city centre the second largest city in Greece. Whether you prefer a country house or a town house, the real estate market in Thessaloniki has something for everyone. something to offer for everyone. Perhaps you would also like to invest in another property or use it as a holiday home. In Thessaloniki there are there are no limits to what you can do. Another advantage of choosing Thessaloniki is its historical heritage and its modern culture. historical heritage and its modern cultural life. The city has been city has been one of the most important university, trade fair and cultural cultural metropolis, rich in monuments and buildings.

The seaport of Thessaloniki is an important crossroads north-south and west-east ferry connections to other countries. The landmark of Thessaloniki is the architectural, famous white tower. Many students live in Thessaloniki and the city is very popular with young people. popular with young people, which is why in 2014 it was declared the of Youth.

All these advantages make life in Thessaloniki so comfortable and attractive. attractive. A beautiful place with a good infrastructure and a low price level, whose economic value will never fall.

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