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Real Estate on Serifos

The island of Serifos belongs to the Cyclades archipelago and is located in the western part. The nearest islands are Kithnos in the north, Sifnos and Milos in the south.

The island of Serifos and the uninhabited islands of Mikronisi, Sykamia, Vous, Glaronisi and Serifopoula belong to the regional district of Milos. The capital is Serifos Town, also called Chora. Other villages and settlements are:

Agios Ioannis, Galani, Livadi, Megalo Livadi, Panagia, Megalo Chorio, Ramos, Kandarchos, Agios Sostis and Pirgos. The population of the island is approximately 1500 inhabitants.

Scenically, Serifos is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades. It is very popular with hikers. It has many hills, fertile valleys and over 30 beaches. Most of them are accessible by car. The most famous beaches are:

Psili Amos, Livadakia, Vagia, Agios Ioanis, Ramos and Ganema and the beach of Sykamia.

The island does not have its own airport, but in the high season from (mid-July - September) it can be reached daily via Piraeus by fast ferries. The journey with the express ferries takes 2.5 hours, otherwise it takes about 4.5 hours by car ferry. There are also other connections to other Cyclades islands such as Milos or the island of Paros. There is also an organised helicopter airport on the island, 3 km from Serifos town. Serifos also has a marina.

The supply of properties, especially as far as villas are concerned, is very low in Serifos. The most commonly offered properties are older Cycladic-style houses, which the locals keep coming on the market because of the crisis. Prices in Serifos have also dropped between 30 % - 40 % during the crisis. Many investors consider the island as an insider tip for investments in the tourism sector. We at Immolymp also see it that way. Especially in the area of construction we see a great potential, as quality houses and villas will pay off as investments in the long run. Thus, prices are sure to rise in the next few years.

One of the top locations on the island is Chora. Here, mainly older houses are being renovated and brought up to a new, qualitative condition.

The area around Livonia is a good example.

The area around Livadia and Livadakia is certainly one of them, as it is close to the sea and harbour and already has a developed infrastructure. There has also been investment and construction around Agios Sostis in recent years because of its beautiful panoramic location. The southern part of the island is increasingly the focus of investment. The prices of plots of land for 1,000 m2 range from 10,000 euros to 80,000 euros, depending on the location (distance to the sea, whether electricity and water are available). To build, you need at least 4,000 m2.

If you do not find your desired property in our portfolio, contact us via our contact form or use our individual search request. You can rely on knowledge and contacts in the region, which will help you to find your dream property.