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Other regions

Here are a few offers of properties from other regions of of Greece. We have for you also in other Greek regions that will inspire you:

  • Macedonia
  • Thessaly
  • Epirus
  • Central Greece - Euboea
  • Attica
  • Ionian Islands
  • Aegean Islands

This list of beautiful regions on the mainland and islands is still long, as there are 227 inhabited islands in Greece.

If your preferred area is not included in the selection, why not contact us by email or phone. There are a lot of destinations where we can offer you beautiful properties in beautiful locations. No matter if you prefer the mainland or a small idyllic island as your new place of residence. Just contact simply get in touch with us. We are sure to find the suitable for you.

Your Giorgios Tsipoylidis
Management - Immolymp