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Real estate in Athens

Athens is the capital of Greece and the country's most populous and city of the country with an ancient and glorious history. and glorious history. The metropolis is the centre of economic and economic and cultural life and is visited by an average of 6 million tourists from all over the world. Every year, travellers are drawn to historic Athens to see the museums and archaeological sites up close. museums and archaeological sites. Athens also has Athens also has a rich cultural life, which continues with the nightlife of the many bars and discotheques. The roof of the world, the highest region of the world, is located to the south-east of Athens. and forms a varied landscape with huge mountain ranges. In Athens has over 2800 hours of sunshine and 348 sunny days per year. per year.

The capital has grown very rapidly over the last 150 years and today there are about the Athens metropolitan area is home to around four million people. The Piraeus is famous for its harbour, which is one of the largest ferry ferry ports in the world. Among the most attractive neighbourhoods for for property buyers are the coastal outskirts of Kavuri, Vouliagmeni, and Garcia. Property prices in the European capital capital Athens are currently cheaper than in almost any other metropolis. metropolis. Take advantage of our individual search mandate and our professional network on the spot, to find your perfect Greece property in Athens.

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