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Investments in Greece Real Estate

Immolymp-Investments offers outstanding exclusive services to private and institutional investment clients and partners for investments in Greece real estate.

As an investment consultant and brokerage agency for Greece real estate, our team has an excellent long-standing network with regional partners and specialists in the investment field.

By investment consulting, we mean advising institutional and private investors on the entire investment process and the motivation and choice of your investment.

Our Immolymp-Invest services:

  • Consulting around Real Estate Investment
  • Search mandates from property search to successful transaction
  • Investment consulting: Financing, Subsidies, Permits and Contracting
  • Settlement Permits - Golden Visa
  • Project Consulting and Development
  • Procurement of Architects, Engineers and Construction Companies
  • Business and Legal Advice
  • Off-market Investments
  • Investments in Infrastructure
  • Best Practice in Hotels, Restaurants and Commercial Properties

Secure an attractive investment opportunity in Greece now

Greece is in transition to the future. Take advantage of the following:

  • Low land prices and ancillary purchase costs
  • Reduction of land transfer tax to 3%
  • Competitive property prices 30% below pre-crisis levels
  • New digital building permit process simplifies property purchase
  • Reduction of bureaucracy and regulations
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Lucrative return on investment - incoming
  • Greece invests heavily in infrastructure
  • Higher demand for real estate also due to boom in tourism
  • Low cost of living
  • Expansion of the season
  • Geographical location of Greece
  • Ideal climate and security
  • Lowest cost in Europe - Golden Visa Programme

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