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Off-Market Real Estate in Greece

When it comes to buying a property in Greece, many prospective buyers also look for off-market properties that are not publicly advertised. These so-called off-market properties offer a unique opportunity to purchase a property that is not available on the open market. In this article, you will learn what off-market properties are and how you can gain access to these exclusive offers in Greece real estate.

What is off-market real estate?

Off-market properties are properties that are not for sale to the public. They are not advertised on estate agents' websites or in newspapers or other media. Instead, these properties are discreetly passed on to selected buyers or investors. This type of sale is often used to speed up the sales process.

Luxury real estate in Greece

Off-market properties are also popular in Greece, especially for luxury properties and in the most desirable areas of the country. Most off-market properties are found in Athens, Thessaloniki, the Greek islands and other exclusive locations such as Mykonos and Santorini.

Off-market properties can include different types of real estate, such as villas, holiday homes, flats, commercial properties (hotels) or land. These properties can either be newly built or in need of renovation.

How to access off-market real estate in Greece?

Access to off-market properties in Greece is limited, as these offers are usually only given to selected buyers. However, there are a few ways you can gain access to these exclusive offers:

Make contacts with local estate agents: Most off-market properties are offered by real estate agents who have good relationships with owners and investors.

By making contact with local estate agents, you can be informed when an off-market property is offered for sale.

Advantages of Off-Market Real Estate in Greece

Exclusivity and discretion

Off-market properties are exclusive and are only offered to a select group of interested parties. This means that you have a unique opportunity to purchase properties that may not be for sale to the public. In addition, off-market properties in Greece are marketed in a discreet manner, which means that your competitors will not know that you are interested in a property. This can give you a competitive advantage and help you to acquire the property at a better price.

Potentially better prices

Off-market properties may also be offered at better prices. The seller may also potentially be willing to accept a lower price as they do not have to worry about the property staying on the market for months or having difficulty marketing it.

Flexibility in negotiations

Off-market properties also offer more flexibility in negotiations. Because the seller is marketing the property discreetly, they can be more flexible when it comes to negotiating price and terms. This can help you as a buyer to get better terms and increase your chance of buying the property at a price that is right for you.

Potentially better properties

Off-market properties can also be of a higher quality than properties that are publicly listed for sale. This is because owners who market their property discreetly are often wealthier and more discerning than owners who put their property up for sale publicly. As a buyer, you can therefore benefit from a higher quality of property that may not be available on the public market.


Off-market properties in Greece offer many advantages that can pay off for buyers. There are a growing number of off-market properties in Greece that are becoming increasingly popular with investors due to their exclusivity, discretion, potentially better prices, more flexible negotiations and potentially higher quality.

If you are looking to invest in an off-market property, you should contact an experienced real estate agent who has access to these exclusive properties and can help you find the right property and negotiate the best price and terms.

It is also important to sort out your finances in advance and be aware of local laws and regulations to ensure a smooth buying process. In summary, buying off-market property in Greece offers a great opportunity for investors looking for exclusive and high quality properties that may not be for sale to the public.

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Off-Market Properties in Greece