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Greece - Residence permit through real estate purchase

Residence permit for non-EU citizens through real estate purchase

According to Art 6 para 2 Law 4146/2013, non-EU citizens have the right to an entry permit and a five-year residence permit. The five-year residence permit is granted if it is related to the acquisition of one or more immovable properties with a total value of €250 000.

The residence permit is valid for five years.

The residence permit can be repeatedly extended as long as the real estate property (real estate deed=deed certified by a notary) continues to be owned by the applicant.

Residence permit for family members through real estate purchase

At the same time, the following family members automatically receive a residence permit:

  • Spouses (minimum age 18 years)
  • Own children as well as children of the spouse (younger than 21 years)

From the age of 21 to 24, children can apply for an independent right of residence.

Another possibility to obtain the residence permit is according to
Art. 26, N. 3386/2005 to study at a Greek university.

After 10 years of residence in Greece, naturalisation can be applied for.

If one comes by inheritance or gift to a property, in this
case only the person entitled to the inheritance receives a residence permit. Family members are excluded from this.

Documents for obtaining the residence permit

  • Application for a tax number (AFM / Arithmos Forologikou Mittrou) at the relevant tax office. This serves as identification and is necessary for any business activities and transactions to Greece.
  • Confirmation from a real estate agency of the applicant's order to purchase
    a property
  • Copy of the purchase contract of the property or properties valued
    at min. 250 000 €
  • Confirmation of the notary that the conditions of the purchase contract have been fulfilled
    according to Art. 6 (2) Law 4146/2013
  • Confirmation of the entry in the land register
  • Confirmation of the registration with a health insurance company

Another possibility for obtaining a residence permit is self-employed economic activity. We will explain this topic in another blog.

Please note that the information provided cannot be comprehensive and that the advice of a lawyer cannot be substituted in individual cases.