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Emigrate to Greece

Greece has been a popular emigration country for centuries, and not only because of its mild climate and beautiful landscape. Living and working here also takes a quieter and more leisurely path than in other western countries. In addition, the cost of living in many large cities is around 30% lower compared to other European cities. In 2017, 690 German citizens emigrated to Greece and officially 11,099 Germans live in Greece.

Greece is a country with a lot of history and culture and is also a popular place to spend the winter among pensioners and people in early retirement. Many sunny days and the typically Greek mentality of the people make it one of the most sought-after emigration destinations in the Mediterranean region.

Entry requirements to Greece

No visa or other entry permits are required to enter Greece. You can stay in beautiful Greece for up to three months. For longer stays, however, you must apply for a residence permit. (See below for more on this) To be spared any nasty surprises, you should clarify the scope of your current insurance cover in good time. In order to save valuable time and money, it is advisable to request the necessary German documents promptly before your departure and, if possible, to make Greek translations.

Relocation to Greece

According to the legal provisions, you can import all your belongings into Greece duty-free within twenty-four months. This involves total exemption from customs duties, VAT and taxation levies. For the duty-free importation of your personal property, a transfer certificate will be issued at the competent Greek consulate of your future place of residence.

Working in Greece

The OEAD (Greek Employment Service) can be very helpful in finding a job. The best job opportunities in Greece are in the tourism industry, as well as in the IT and craft sectors. But you can also get a job with many international companies before you move. If you want to emigrate from Switzerland to Greece, it is advisable to find out about possible employers in the vicinity of your future place of residence before you move. There are only a few legal frameworks for employment contracts in Greece, but you should still be familiar with the Greek language and pay attention to details when signing a contract.

Residence permit in Greece through the purchase of real estate

Foreigners who wish to purchase real estate or plan to rent hotel accommodation in Greece for a period of at least ten years are entitled to an entry permit and a five-year residence permit. This residence permit through a property purchase is valid under the following conditions:

  • A legal entry into Greece
  • In full possession of a Greece property
  • The value of the property must be at least €250,000.

The residence permit can be renewed repeatedly as long as the real estate remains in your ownership. The residence law in Greece also allows family members of property owners to apply for a residence permit. This includes, among others, spouses with a minimum age of 18 years, as well as own children up to 21 years. For more on this topic, see our
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