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Cheap real estate in Greece - the chance to own your own domicile

favourable conditions for the purchase of real estate

The conditions for buying your own property in Greece are better today than ever before. Various factors, each of which is a good prerequisite in itself, mean that you can dream of your dream property in Greece even if you are not a high earner. The following reasons make buying a property particularly easy:

Good conditions in Germany

Even without huge reserves or a gigantic salary, you can ideally finance real estate in Germany at the moment. The low interest rate level offers an excellent basis for setting up financing even with low equity capital in such a way that the monthly burden for the required repayments remains within moderate limits. If you look back at the conditions just a few years ago, it becomes clear that financing that is completely within normal limits today would have been like an unrealisable dream back then, or at least like winning the lottery. Moreover, the good wage structure combined with the still very good economic situation in Germany offer security against job loss and thus also for property financing. In short, today it is easier and safer than ever to borrow the money for your dream property in Greece from the bank.

Who doesn't dream of owning their own property abroad? Sun, sea and warm temperatures make people dream of owning their own house in the south. Especially in Greece, the conditions are better today than ever before, even as a "normal person" to easily acquire a beautiful and at the same time cheap property. The very positive financing options in Germany do the rest to make the dream of owning a property in Greece within reach for many.

Selling pressure in Greece

On the other hand, the situation has been far less positive for some time. Even if you do not follow the daily news with full attention, the problems of the Greeks should not have remained completely unknown to you. The high national debt has led to a situation where the sceptre of action was temporarily taken out of the hands of the Greek government and comprehensive reforms in many areas of society became necessary. As a result, the income of most Greeks fell and many people in Greece even lost their jobs. Without a comprehensive social security system, the situation is very unfavourable, but this is very convenient for you as a prospective buyer of cheap real estate in Greece. Many Greeks are only able to make a living by parting with their property. This eliminates the financial expense of upkeep and at the same time the proceeds from the sale flow into their own living expenses. Finally, the situation becomes particularly precarious for the Greeks because the oversupply of real estate that now exists meets a very small number of interested parties. And exactly these conditions are ideal for you on the way to your cheap property in Greece.

What should you look out for in Greek real estate?

However, you should be careful and exercise caution when choosing your dream home. Because many Greeks can no longer afford to maintain their buildings, you can find countless cheap properties, but you should check their condition carefully before buying. It is not uncommon for another investment for repairs to lurk behind the supposed bargain. This does not usually make the purchase impossible, but should at least be taken into account in advance when financing.

Conclusion - How to buy cheap real estate in Greece

Good affordability at a very low price level in Greece makes cheap real estate affordable for many people. True to the motto "If not now, when?", the search is worthwhile, so that with a little care and without rushing into action, what was once an unimaginable dream can now easily become reality.

Cheap real estate in Greece - the chance to own your own domicile